UK’s 5 Most Beautiful Vineyards to Visit

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Are you willing to spice up your life with some pleasant adventures? Then vineyards would certainly not be a bad idea. Winery visits are really in trend in today’s time. A large percentage of the retired crowd and even the millennials looking for a nice break from their super buy life, nothing can beat a winery visit. 

If you are enthusiastic about wine, you will cherish every bit of it. It is time you set that whiskey glass set a little break and bring some outstanding old wine on the table this season for a change. The United Kingdom is famous for its mesmerizing vineyards. In fact, as per sources, the UK landed as the Nation of Wine enthusiasts and wine drinkers. So, let’s take a glance at five of the most exceptional vineyards in the UK. 

1.   Camel Valley

Looking forward to exploring a luxurious vineyard tour with some real scenic beauty? Try out the Camel valley. It is, in fact, the very first English wine producer that attained a Royal warrant. People know it best for its mesmerizing countryside views. A large percentage of people explore it every single year. If you plan on visiting this one, it will be best that you book it slightly earlier.

It is also trendy for its lovely cottages that you can enjoy staying at for days and its restaurants offering authentic cuisines. It provides a great chance to enjoy the wine as well as some fantastic flavored cuisines. This vineyard came into being in 1989. It produces about ten types of wine today, including sparkling cider, sparkling red, and the famous pinot noir rose. If you visit between April and October, you will make the most out of your trip.

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2.   Langham

This particular one takes a comparatively low-intervention tactic to grow grapes. It strives to cut down the adverse environmental impacts when producing quality bubbles. The crisp bubbles are also vegan-friendly. They have hand-picked grapes, and they get processed right on the site with the blend of both new and old ways. 

As a visitor, you will hear all about this fantastic blend of old and new methods they use to produce bubbles all along your journey. It also has this old-fashioned milking parlor famous for offering luxurious snacks and perfectly made tea, as you have already taken an excellent tour in the vineyard. People who visited before also enjoyed picking grapes themselves and meeting the entire wine-producing team. Visiting these places can level up your wine knowledge a lot. So do try this one.

3.   The Giffords Hall

This is yet again another fantastic option that you can add to your list of vineyards. It produces various unique wines such as fruity red, rose and sparkling wine, and more. A family runs this beautiful vineyard. In the middle of the town Hartest, it sits peacefully. You can go for excellent group tours, and the best part is that it is pet-friendly. One can cherish the perfect countryside vibe here and its warm and friendly ambiance. 

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4.   Three Choirs Vineyard

This fantastic vineyard sits in the Gloucestershire hills that come with picturesque beauty. You would also be interested to know that it is one of the oldest vineyards in England. Some of the vine sizes reach up to about seventy-five acres, and some date back to 1973. 

Its beauty is often compared to paintings and prints, and you will only get to experience that once you take a visit. It produces a wide range of wines and not just that, they have won many awards before for the quality and taste of their wine. They cultivate the grapes in two estates, including Wickham, Hampshire, and the Newent, and allow vine tours three times a week. You can also have the option of lunching in the brasserie of Three Choirs. 

5.   Woodchester Valley 

This vineyard we are talking about here is family-owned. It comes with about forty-five acres of vines and offers many award-winning wine collections. Some of them include sparkling wines, rose wine, sweet red, and still white wine. This vine offers two touring sessions in a year which includes sparkling wine and the classic tour. 

Visitors can cherish the mesmerizing vineyards and the Woodchester sites, along with unique farmhouses. The guest rooms will make your stay comfortable. If you are a wine lover, you will surely not regret this visit at any cost. It is also the best opportunity to get a lovely wine collection home that will earn you some nice compliments from your guests. 

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Bidding Adieu to the Vineyards

After all, these are the places where all those famous romanticisms took place, whether in the reel life or real life. As per research, visiting a lovely vineyard can benefit you in many subtle yet significant ways. From releasing stress, exploring and tasting wine, expanding your insights to networking, you will surely gain from all aspects.