5 Notable Reasons Why You Should Buy German Prepaid Sim Card

Germany is for sure one of the most popular and prominent countries in the world. It has a rich heritage and culture that will for sure mesmerize you. Traveling to this particular country is going to be a memorable one when you do everything right. But your expenses here can shoot high if you do not plan on minute things like the sim card.

Using your sim card from your home may not be a good option. It is because international roaming charges are pretty high. When you use your sim card from home, your expenses will shoot up. Once you come back from the trip, you will get the shock of your life, as you will have to pay a bill that is hefty.

Infographic: Tips For International Travel!

Tips For International Travel

You’re excited, obviously. You’re about to head off for your international trip, and it’s an amazing feeling. Whether you travel overseas frequently or getting ready to head out on your first trip, international travel requires a good amount of planning. Through this infographic, you will get to know tips for international travel. International travel is more complicated than domestic travel. It requires you to spend more time planning before the trip and there are additional factors to take into account when you are traveling internationally. You don’t want to end up on the other side of the world in a bad situation due to poor planning. There’s a lot more things travelers have to keep in mind, from passport and visa requirements to credit card transactions. International travel doesn’t have to be tricky – just make sure your travel documents and required paperwork are in order.

2 Ways to Stay Connected When Travelling to Europe

It does not matter if it is a family vacation or a personal tour. There is so much excitement when you are traveling to Europe. It is quite essential to get everything in place to enjoy the trip and make it a memorable one.

One of the essential things that you should not forget when you are traveling is the SIM card. It allows you to connect with your family and friends. It will enable you to contact your travel agent and make necessary calls on the go.

Passport advice for first time travellers to the UK and Europe

Image of a USA Passport

For many Americans, a vacation abroad in England or Europe is a once in a lifetime experience. Unlike other parts of the world, we don’t tend to get much vacation leave from our employers, which makes long haul travel difficult. In fact, there’s no minimum statutory entitlement in the USA to vacation leave: we’re the only developed country that doesn’t require employers to provide paid vacation leave.

5 shocking things you must know before you buy an International SIM Card

The number of people travelling to new countries has gone up. This has increased the number of people in need of communicating with their family members and friends across different countries. Recent research reveals the international SIM card usage has increased by 35% from the past decade.

Are you planning to travel to an overseas country, maybe to Europe? Definitely you will need to keep in touch with your family and friends back at home. I am quite sure you have heard how expensive the roaming charges can be if you travel with your normal SIM card. The most sensible thing to do is purchase an international SIM card. However, you need to check if these International SIM cards are the same or if there are things you need to avoid when buying one. Here are five things you need to know when buying an international SIM.

Four Tips for International Travel

Traveling is a wonderful way to explore and enjoy the world from a front row seat. The travel channel has nothing on the experience of actually walking across the Scottish Highlands, or exploring the pyramids in Egypt. The smells, the textures, the people, and the simple act of being there makes international travel an experience unparalleled in many ways.

Using taxis and private hire car services in London

Image of a London black cab

The public transport system in London is exceptional, with the London Underground providing a reliable and quick way to traverse the many boroughs of London and see the sights. Our recent blog article explains more about using London’s public transport.

But there might be times when you need a taxi, or a private hire care service. We’ll provide some useful information below about using taxis and private hire car services in London.

Best for short trips around the city:  London Taxis 

London’s famous taxis are affectionately called “black cabs”.

Why aren’t these three London museums on your travel list?

Image of the outside of a museum

The London Museum scene is truly epic. You can spend many days exploring them all, from the Natural History Museum, to the British Museum to the Science Museum.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a whole host of other truly unique museums. Here’s three we think you might not know about, but which you must absolutely visit! And, they’re all free!

Photograph of a museum

Hunterian Museum

The Hunterian Museum is located at the Lincoln’s Inn Fields, inside the Royal College of Surgeons, just a short walk from Holborn underground station.