Eating Five Star in London at discounted prices

Long gone are the days of boring bland English food. Once upon a time, the best you could get was Fish & Chips. But today, London offers a massive range of food offerings, from top Michelin star restaurants, to an amazing range of ethnic food (think fresh felafel or burritos) and everything in between. And of course, you can still get a good ol’ English pub meal of fish and chips or sausages and mashed potato.

Michelin star restaurant dining on a budget

There are more than 500 Michelin star restaurants in London. These can set you back quite a lot of money. An entrée might cost $50 just by itself. Fortunately, many of these restaurants offer a “Fixed Price” lunch menu, at a heavily discounted price. You’ll find three courses, with a selection of about three or four dishes on each course. But best of all, you can get into some top restaurants at lunch for a fixed price of about $40 for three courses.

Photograph of chefs preparing meals

For example, Frenchie in Covent Garden London, offers a fantastic three course set menu for just £29. There’s so many others to discover as well, so just look around on the Michelin website, and check out the lunch menu selection.

The Open Table App

One of the easiest ways to browse and book is to use the Open Table app on your phone. Select the number of guests, and the time you want to eat, and the app will let you know real-time table availability at a whole host of restaurants. You can check out the menu and submit your booking straightaway. And you can do this in real-time too – for example, you might be wandering through London at 11am and feeling hungry, so you can jump on the app and check availability for 12:30pm, and book your table directly through the app.

You’ll need data on your phone to use the Open Table app when you’re out and about, so pick up a pre-paid UK SIM card from My UK SIM Card before you leave home to the UK. It’ll be delivered to you here in the USA, and comes with a massive 12GB of high speed 4G LTE data, minutes and texts. And if you’re travelling to Europe too, it works in 34 European countries including France, Italy, Spain and Germany.