Using taxis and private hire car services in London

Image of a London black cab

The public transport system in London is exceptional, with the London Underground providing a reliable and quick way to traverse the many boroughs of London and see the sights. Our recent blog article explains more about using London’s public transport.

But there might be times when you need a taxi, or a private hire care service. We’ll provide some useful information below about using taxis and private hire car services in London.

Best for short trips around the city:  London Taxis 

London’s famous taxis are affectionately called “black cabs”.

Travelling To Europe: 3 Tips To Buy An International SIM Card

3 Tips To Buy An International SIM Card

Are you travelling to Europe but worried about how you will keep in touch? Worry no more. The solution lies in an international SIM card. You can get yourself an international SIM card which will work seamlessly in whatever European country you go to. You won’t have to bother about finding out the local roaming rates or where to locate the nearest phone booth from your hotel room. It is a must-have for anyone who hopes to make a journey to Europe without losing touch.

Why aren’t these three London museums on your travel list?

Image of the outside of a museum

The London Museum scene is truly epic. You can spend many days exploring them all, from the Natural History Museum, to the British Museum to the Science Museum.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a whole host of other truly unique museums. Here’s three we think you might not know about, but which you must absolutely visit! And, they’re all free!

Photograph of a museum

Hunterian Museum

The Hunterian Museum is located at the Lincoln’s Inn Fields, inside the Royal College of Surgeons, just a short walk from Holborn underground station.

Will my American cell phone work in the United Kingdom?

Reading time: 5-7 minutes

Updated January 2021

So you’ve booked your flights and hotels, you’ve created a list of the “must see” tourist attractions in London and you’ve downloaded the best UK travel apps to your cell phone. But will your cell phone work in the United Kingdom?

If you’ve been doing research online about whether your cell phone will work in the UK, we’re guessing you’re probably confused by now, right? There’s lots of conflicting information and it seems very complicated.

Getting around London on public transport

Image of a London tube train exiting a tunnel

Depending on where you’re from in the USA, a reliable and expansive public transport system might be something you’ve never experienced. On your trip to London, here’s some hints and tips for becoming a pro using the London public transport system.

Book your hotel or Airbnb close to a tube station

The London Underground is the high frequency metro train system servicing the Greater London area. The closest comparison is the New York subway. It’s nicknamed “the Tube” because of the design of the train carriages and tunnels. It was opened in 1867 and carries 1.34 billion passengers each year, with a total track length of 250 miles.

Naples, Italy. Don’t do it!

Image of a traditional Neopolitana Pizza

Most travel blogs espouse the beauty and attractions of a city. But, I’m going to say it: don’t bother with Naples, Italy. Well, it’s not as simple as that. Sure, visit Naples, but use it as a base to explore the surrounding areas, in particular Mount Vesuvius, and the ancient city of Pompeii. And be sure to have a Naples pizza.

Why you shouldn’t spend much time in Naples

Why you should make a side trip to Glasgow on your vacation in the United Kingdom

Image of University of Glasgow

If you can’t fill in all your time for your UK and Europe vacation, then you should seriously consider a side trip to the beautiful Scottish city of Glasgow. Filled with Victorian and art noveau architecture, set along the River Clyde, and some of the friendliest people you’ll meet, it makes good sense to include Glasgow on your itinerary.

Getting to Glasgow

International SIM Cards: How You Can Keep Connected While On The Move

Advancements in the technology sector have come with a lot of changes. The latest innovations in technology have greatly benefited the mobile phone industry. One of these advantages is the development of Subscriber Identity Module or SIM. It is a portable memory chip that is used in cell phones to store information.

SIM cards are designed to make it easy for a mobile user to switch to a new phone but keep the information from the previously used phone. Some SIM cards can store all the vital information about the phone and card owner. It can keep phone numbers, text messages and other relevant data. Transferring the data from one phone to another is simple. It’s just sliding the SIM card out of the old phone into the new phone.