Top 8 Hidden & Secret Cafes and Restaurants in Zagreb

Despite the fact that the world and its almost every corner and spots are discovered, there is a lot of places to explore in all those urban jungles called the cities. Hidden gems like restaurants and cafes are in full bloom, especially since the summer is officially here!

Today, we’re going to talk about secret spots and places in the capital city of Croatia – Zagreb! Zagreb is a vivid city enriched with interesting history and a beautiful culture – it intertwines traditional notes and lines with modern and innovative touches, as well as with a breathtaking green oasis that can be found in every part of the city. Thanks to that, Zagreb is a place that will satisfy all the cravings of every generation.

Due to its seductive combination of tradition, classy, modernity, and innovation, a city is an amazing place for wandering and discovering new spots and places. Are you ready to explore this urban jungle? Let’s talk about its hidden and sweet small cafes and delicious restaurants situated away from the crowds and city hustles!

Jungle Of Drinks

The best-hidden places in Zagreb are situated in the backyards, terraces, and rooftops. Thanks to that, as well as to the nice decoration and atmosphere, these spots have truly something special – unique vibes, calmness, and relaxation. What more to ask for after all day of exploring and wandering through the streets!

Caffe In the Garden

Yep, this cafe is really and simply called cafe in the garden (or in Croatian – Cafe u dvorištu). This small cafe is a perfect escape from the city while being in the city! The cafe is situated in the street of Jurja Žerjavića and it presents a perfect place for relaxation and refreshing drinks. The cafe used to be a basic and just a regular backyard but then, it was turned into a nice and colorful cafe with graffiti walls, delicious coffee, and excellent homemade ice tea! Oh, and of course – nice music gives a special touch to the backyard oasis and atmosphere.

More information can be found on their Facebook page

Figa Garden by Henrik

This small, charming cafe is hidden in the yard in Gundulićeva street. The idea was to create a peaceful place ideal for relaxation – whether you’re looking for a morning coffee with a croissant, whether you’re in need of a tasty gin, or some other after-work (or after-exploring-and-wandering) drink. Figa Garden by Henrik has a beautiful setting and decor, so you’ll certainly going to enjoy the quietness, tasty drinks, and a nice conversation with your friends! And even though the cafe is situated in the center of the city, you’ll be surprised by its calm vibes!

More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Swanky Monkey Garden

If you’re a lover of vintage and industrial style, Swanky Monkey Garden will seduce you instantly! This bar is a part of the Swanky Monkey Garden boutique hostel, and it is situated inside the yard in Ilica street. Since the building used to be a factory, both the hostel and the bar retained its industrial rough charm and touches. The bar has a beautiful terrace which is a must-visit, must-enjoy winesday place (yes, the bar named Wednesdays as the perfect day for enjoying some wine!).

More information can be found on their Facebook page.

OUT Garden Restaurant & Bar

I know, many spots we’re talking about have the word “garden” in their names. But what can we do – gardens certainly hide many beautiful places! Out Garden Restaurant & Bar is created to be a gateway from your everyday life, crowds, and city hustle. The bar combines industrial vibes with a touch of nature and greenery, and you can enjoy international, domestic, and homemade drinks, as well as delicious flavors of the local dishes. The best way to describe this place is to say – come, see, and taste.

More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Delicious & Hidden

From traditional recipes and dishes to the creative urban kitchens, Zagreb certainly has it all! In order to present you with interesting but hidden flavors of Zagreb, here are 4 special and quite different restaurants that offer not only delicious food but also a beautiful and cozy atmosphere and – views!

La Štruk

If you’re looking for a truly local and traditional dish, you must try štrukli. Where? In the only place in Zagreb and north-western Croatia which serves only – štrukli! La štruk is a cozy and modern restaurant situated in the center of Zagreb but in a quiet and calm backyard. The restaurant offers only štrukli, a traditional dish made of homemade dough and tasty cheese filling. But the restaurant offers modern recipes too, so you can try štrukli filled with blueberries, walnuts, nettle, paprika, and other sweet and savory ingredients.

More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Pod Gričkim Topom Food & Bar & Cafe

This is a nice and comfy family restaurant with an amazing view over the city of Zagreb. The restaurant is quite hidden, and you can get to it through the Zakmardijeve stube – these stairs lead to the upper town of Zagreb and one small door lead to this beautiful restaurant. Pod Gričkim Topom Food & Bar & Cafe has a beautiful terrace on which you can enjoy your refreshing drink or delicious traditional food, while the urban horizon will certainly capture your heart.

More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Mali Bar

Mali bar is a cute small restaurant with minimalistic, yet quite effective decor, and it is situated in Vlaška street. It combines a cozy and calm atmosphere with a Croatian interpretation of the tapas bar. Thanks to that, you can try numerous small bites, snacks, and dishes that are hand-picked on the local market on that specific day of your visit. Fresh and delicious in the combination with a small but so much-needed gateway from the city? I’m in!

More information can be found on their Facebook page.


This restaurant presents a special gastro oasis. It can be found in the center of the city but on the 7th floor of the building so I can definitely say that you’re far away from the city hustle, noise, and crowd! The restaurant has modern decor with a beautiful view over the city of Zagreb. It has both summer and winter terraces with a touch of greenery, while its dishes are local, homemade, and just delicious!

More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Hidden from the city hustle and crowds, these bars and restaurants are great gateways and small escapes from hot summer days and wandering through the streets.

Zagreb is a perfect place for tourists and visitors, especially during the summer when the locals go on their vacations on the Croatian coast – thanks to that, the city becomes an ideal place for wanderers and explorers, while its hidden spots just wait to be discovered!

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