What are the top vacation destinations for people from Europe?

Ever wondered where people in other parts of the world head for their vacations? Where do the French spend their vacation? Where do the British go for their summer breaks? What about the Germans?

No matter where you’re from or what your interests are, you’ve probably been on holiday abroad at least once in your life. Everybody travels, either to relax on a sunny beach and soak up some sun, or to visit relatives and shop for new clothes. Most people spend their free time travelling, looking to explore new and exciting destinations or taste exotic food. We’ve created a map showing top vacation destinations from each country in Europe (apart from their own country). Where do the British mostly spend they holidays? How about Italians or Germans? Where do they go on vacation?

Take a look at this infographic from Tour Croatia, specialists in Croatia Tours and Holidays to find out where the people of Europe take their vacations!

While rivers of tourists pour towards their sunny coast and UNESCO-protected walls of Dubrovnik and Split, Croatians seem to enjoy skiing vacations and weekend shopping trips in neighbouring Austria. Scandinavian tourists spend their summers in warm countries such as Greece and Spain. Hungarians, Czech, Polish and Slovenian tourists prefer visiting the Croatian coast during summer holidays.

It seems Greece and Spain are still most popular summer destinations among Europeans, however Croatia is slowly catching up. Game of Thrones and Star Wars fans flock in Dubrovnik to visit the filming locations; tourists from colder countries visit its beautiful beaches to enjoy the sun.

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