Infographic: 5 Benefits Of International Travel Sim Card

Are you travelling abroad for business purpose, or just going to a foreign country for a vacation? Staying connected to business and family at this time is something that you would not want to compromise on. Since international roaming charges and call rates are always exorbitant, buying a travel Sim card is the best option. Here are five benefits that you can experience when you use an international travel SIM card when roaming card abroad.

Free incoming calls

Travel Sim cards come with free incoming calls so you can receive as many calls as you want.

Prepaid only

You only pay for calls, texts and and data that you actually use.

You pay local rates

With international travel cards, you pay local rates for calls, text, and data which saves up to 90%.

Device compatible

Travel Sim cards work with different devices such as tablet or laptop.

Low-Cost SIMs

The cost of travel Sim Cards is low, they can be purchased easily with preloaded talk-time.

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