6 Money-Saving Tips Every Traveller Should Know

There’s no escaping the fact that travelling costs money, regardless of how many rewards or miles you accumulate. You can’t use loyalty points to eat, shop, and explore an exciting new place. Yet, that isn’t to say that a fantastic trip needs to be expensive.

“Over the years I spent travelling, I’ve learned that even minor expenses, such as bottled water or car tickets, pile up fast throughout your vacation. With that, I’ve adopted strategies to help keep my travel expenses low, and it helped me a lot,” shared globetrotter and small business lender Shane Perry of Max Funding.

We’ve asked travel enthusiasts for tips on saving money when travelling, and here are the top six tips they shared.

1. Take An American Cruise Ship To Cruise Europe

You don’t have to postpone your European trip because of the low dollar-euro rate. Why not go by boat instead of flying? Cruising is cheaper than airfare, meals and hotel combined.

When you book a cruise with a US-based cruise company, you will spend just one up-front payment in US dollars, which will include your lodging, meals, and transport cost. 

London Transport Trick: When you’re in Europe and exploring the streets of London, ride the tube and spend £5.50 for an Oyster Card. The card entitles you to a 50% discount on the tube, bus, and tram travel.

2. Choose The Lowest Airfare

If cruising does not work for you, then book a flight choosing the lowest airfare. After all, the most expensive part of any vacation is usually the airfare. You can use platforms like Skyscanner, Google Flights, or your chosen airline’s pricing calendar to compare airfare rates. Plan your vacations or travels on the best airfare deal and set flexible dates to save money.

3. Cut Communication Cost By Planning Ahead

COVID has altered our travel patterns, and it’s essential to stay connected with loved ones and friends back home. However, using your phone in a foreign country may be costly and complicated with so many international roaming choices. My UK SIM Card works in the UK and over 30 European countries, including France, Italy, Ireland, and Spain. It’s jam-packed with data, calls, and texts at 5G and 4G LTE speeds. Best of all, you’ll have a SIM Card before you go on your trip.

4. Travel With Family Or Friends And Divide The Costs

Minus the threat of the Coronavirus, now is the best time to travel with family and friends since travelling costs are cheaper. 

Many countries are attracting tourists as the world opens back up. Starting February 1, 2022, the EU advised that anybody travelling from inside the union would need a simple ‘green pass’ certification, which may be acquired by vaccination, recovery, or a negative Covid test result self-isolation would be unnecessary. However, not all countries adopt the rule, so it would be best to check with your destination. Plan your travel with family or friends and save money by dividing the expense of renting a place, buying a meal, or bus fares.

5. Walk To Save Cash

Walking around in a new city is the best way of getting to know it. It’s a significant advantage that you’ll save a great deal of money on cabs. However, if you need to ride, choose public transit and keep in mind that frequent-travel cards, such as the Oyster card in London or the Octopus in Hong Kong, are significantly more cost-effective than single rates.

6. When In Rome Eat Like The Romans

The whole point of travelling is to see and do new things. When you eat like the locals, you’ll learn something about a foreign culture while saving money. You don’t have to dine at a five-star restaurant every night just because you’re on vacation. Learn where the locals eat for a low-cost, culture-rich meal.

Restaurant in Italy

Make The Most Out Of Your Vacation Without Breaking The Bank

Travelling on a tight budget might be difficult, but the benefits are well worth the effort. You’ll be able to explore your destination from a different perspective, meet locals, and be more creative with your everyday activities, all without breaking the bank.

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